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Squire SS100 Stronghold Padlock w/ TC22/5 Hardened Alloy Chain

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Squire SS100 Stronghold Padlock w/ TC22/5 Hardened Alloy Chain

Weighing in at a total of 21.62kg, this is not a padlock and chain set you are likely to carry around with you, but it is a formidable Motorbike Lock and Chain package that you can set up at home or at work to protect your bike while it is left unattended.

This padlock chain package is rated as Sold Secure Diamond for Motorcycles, while the SS100 padlock itself, has achieved CEN6 rating and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) SR4 level, which sees it attacked with a 12V cordless grinder, drills and hammers for ten minutes, is a hot contender for best motorbike lock. 

Squire SS100S - Stronghold 100mm Hardened Steel Padlock - Open Shackle

Product Features
The first padlock ever to achieve LPCB Level SR4 LPCB's highest accreditation

These huge, incredibly strong padlocks are the newest addition to the Stronghold Range.

The Stronghold 100mm solid hardened steel padlock combines compact design with market leading product performance. Designed to resist the harshest attack these locks can also function reliably in the very worst weather conditions.

20mm diameter hardened boron alloy steel shackles 
100mm wide solid hardened steel lock body 
Accredited to LPCB Level SR4, CEN6 approved, Closed shackle tested to Sold Secure Diamond standard with 22mm chain 
Two 6 Pin cylinders can have same key cylinders or they can be keyed to differ, and both versions can be keyed-alike and master-keyed 
Electrophoretic anti-corrosion finish 
Keyed to differ cylinders offer over One Million key differs - 2 x 6 pin cylinders 
Anti-drill protection 
Protective dust cover 
Tensile pull tested to 24 tonnes (independently verified) 
Dual key usage ideal for supervised use

Recommended for

Perimeter gates
Trailers and high security doors
Product Part Code

Squire TC Chain alloy steel hardened chain, blue sleeve

The high security Squire TC22 motorbike chain is 1.5 metres in length with the wire diameter of each link being 22mm. It is covered with a rugged protective sleeve, bolted at each end to keep it in place and weighs 17.28kg (11.52kg per metre). When neatly coiled, it covers a 32cm diameter area. The sheer bulk and weight of this chain makes it difficult to handle, but does of course make it an excellent choice as a security chain.

More Information
Squire Security Rating 10
Link Diameter (mm) 22
Chain Length (mm) 1500
Ideal For Leisure
Sold Secure Approved Diamond
Shackle Dia (mm) C 20
Body Thickness (mm) B 62
Body Width (mm) A 100
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