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MAP(UK) Logo A Leading distributor for Henry Squire Padlocks in the UK

Stronghold Padlock Range

Squire WS50S

Bullit Padlocks

For maximum strength and durability, Bullit range conforms to BS EN12320 grades 3 and 4 with an approved cylinder.

Squire SS50CS/STRM

Stormproof Padlocks

Designed to resist the harshest attack these locks can also function reliably in the very worst weather conditions.

Squire ss65cs

Closed Shackle Padlocks

This style of padlock is
designed to expose as little
of the shackle as possible for extra protection.

Squire ss50/2.5

Long Shackle Padlocks

Long shackle padlocks are used for applications where standard length shackle types are too restrictive.

Squire SS65S

Open Shackle Padlocks

A wide range of high security padlocks for all applications, designed to resist the harshest attacks.

Squire SS50S

LPCB SR2 Padlocks

Padlocks with
LPS 1654 Issue 1,
Security rating 2,
Certificate number 1179a/01.

Squire SS65CS

LPCB SR3 Padlocks

Padlocks with
LPS 1654 Issue 1,
Security rating 3,
Certificate number 1179a/02.