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Squire Padlocks

Squire MAKO Combi CONGER

Bike Chains & Locks

The range includes extremely high security Sold Secure Gold locks for securing expensive bicycles.

Squire SS50C/COMBI

Closed Shackle

This style of padlock is designed to expose as little of the shackle as possible for extra protection.

Squire CSL40

Combination Padlocks

Combination Padlocks, From small travel luggage padlocks to the higher security combination locks.

Squire GA4

Garage Security

Extra security to prevent attackers from opening your garage door by force.

Squire CBW85

High Security Padlocks

High security padlocks have a wide range for most applications, offering the highest level of security available.

Squire LP8/2

Leopard Range
Brass Padlocks

Leopard range offer medium duty security and are an excellent economic choice.

Squire LN60

Lion Range
Brass Padlocks

The Lion range offers a superior level of security for indoor and outdoor use.

Squire COMBI2 CH

Locking Bolts

Locking bolts, designed to help prevent theft from garages, cupboards, lockers, sheds and gardens.

Squire CP40/2.5

Long Shackle Padlocks

Long shackle padlocks are used for applications where standard length shackle types are too restrictive.


Marine Padlocks

Padlocks for where both high security and superior weather protection is required.

Squire SS65CS/TC3

Motorbike Locks

From Gold Sold Secure Brake Disc Locks to high security chains and wall anchors to keep you motorbike secure.

Squire 220

Old English

They are excellent for use in outdoor conditions where other padlocks would seize and jam.

Squire 35/NO.45

Padbars, Hasps & Staples

A full range of padbars, hasps and staples for low, medium and high security applications.

Squire MAKO Combi CONGER

Security Chain &
Lock Sets

These sets have been designed to combine chains with padlocks of a similar security level.

Squire G4


Available in different lengths and link sizes for medium to high security.

Squire 35

Stronghold Padlocks

Stronghold high security padlocks have a wide range for most applications, available with a storm-proof jacket for extra whether protection.

Squire 35CLR

Stronglock Padlock Range

Stronglock range of double deadlocking and ball-locking pin tumbler laminated steel padlocks.

Squire TSA20T

Travel & Luggage Padlocks

TSA approved Luggage Padlocks are also available ensuring the safety and security of your belongings.

Squire VULCAN COMBI 60mm Padlock - 5 Wheel

Vulcan Padlock Range

Named after Vulcan, the ancient Roman god of fire and metalworking, this padlock range takes some beating.

Squire ASWL1

Warehouse Padlocks

Designed for securing commercial applications so you get the most effective protection available.

Squire Warrior 65mm Padlock

Warrior Padlock Range

The armoured steel body, boron shackle and protective cover make these Warriors hard to beat.