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Squire Padlocks, Locks, Combination Padlocks, Security Chains UK

Squire 440 Old English

Squire Padlocks

A wide range of standard up to high security padlocks for all applications.

Squire SS65SKA - Stronghold 65mm Hardened Steel Padlock

Keyed Alike

Keyed alike is where two or more padlocks can be operated with the same key.

Squire 39MK - Stronglock

Master Keyed

Padlocks keyed so that each padlock is different yet a Master Key will open them all.



Restricted profiles provide you with a secure method that controls the copying of your cut keys.


CEN Grade

Tested to the European CEN standards, ratings are awarded with highest being 6 to the lowest being 1.



Ground anchors, key keeps, collar chains and other accessories are available for convenience and safety.

Squire CSL40 - Toughlok

Combination Padlocks

Combination Padlocks, From small travel luggage padlocks to the higher security combination locks.

Squire SS50C/COMBI - Stronghold

High Security Padlocks

High security padlocks have a wide range for most applications, offering the highest level of security available.

Squire Reef 230/10C

Bike Locks

The range includes extremely high security Sold Secure Gold locks for securing expensive bicycles.

Squire SS50CS/TC4

Motorbike Locks

From Gold Sold Secure Brake Disc Locks to high security chains and wall anchors to keep you motorbike secure.

Squire SS65S - Stronghold

Stronghold Padlocks

Stronghold high security padlocks have a wide range for most applications, available with a storm-proof jacket for extra whether protection.